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Full name: Corey Alexander Washbourne

Date of Birth: 19th February, 1989

Birth place: Perth, Western Australia

Siblings Calvin Francis Washbourne (Younger by 22 months)

Pets: Austin, he's a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Fox Terrier. The good thing is he's small, energetic and keeps my feet warm at night by sleeping on the end of my bed! The bad thing is he rips up my bedspread because he loves chewing things and (this might actually be a good thing) he catches and eats rats and mice. Previously, we had six fish in total, but we really only had two in one bowl at a time. All of them died, none survived, we don't have fish anymore. Too much bother anyway!

Appearance (because you can't tell in the photo)

Eye colour: Green, but it can also appear blue or in some cases hazel on certain occasions

Hair colour: At the moment, medium brown, but it has been known to go really light brown.

Skin colour: Fair, with freckles and there is a kind of reddy-brown blush that always stretches from under my eyes to the jaw between the mouth and ear that's always there. Plus my skin is transparent and I burn easily which is a disadvantage here!


Food: Literally, anything Italian including tortellini, ravioli, gnocchi, fettuccine etc. You name it. I also love eating tomatoes! And grapes. And passionfruit!

Sports: Sailing and field hockey

Subjects: Art, Science, Maths, English

Still likes: Teddy bears (well, making them at least)


Interesting Fact

I wear hearing aids. But it's no big deal, honestly! I kind of forget about them after a few minutes and it feels like normal hearing, whatever that is. It's because of a 22% hearing loss that I have to wear them, and this could have happened because of reflux or medication that was administered for the reflux as a little baby. People don't really notice them, but I occasionally get some people totally gawking at me with these square eyes and that is freaky! But it's okay, I get on with my life, others get on with theirs and sometimes and I mean very rarely does it come as an inconvenience to wear 'ears'.