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I scrapped the last banal welcome message. Here's a better one;

Welcome to the ZonkBoard where you can leave messages for me to read later or to just yak away to your online friends. But please, for your enjoyment and others, check out the rules below before using the TagBoard.




ZonkBoard Rules:

1. Definitely no posers or people pretending to be who they aren't to fool others. Celebrities would certainly not come here and it is disrespectful to other visitors if you try to be someone who you aren't, as they probably wouldn't say the things they said if they knew who you were than if you were someone else. You have been warned. Posers will be found out.

2. Certainly no swearing or insults towards each other. This site is supposed to be clean and I intend for it to stay that way. Also no obscene content, especially relating to sex and genitalia. If you really want to swear, insult, or talk foul, please at least go somewhere else.

3. Polite comments only please, with proper English. I do accept acronyms, smilies and shortened versions of words, e.g. 'ppl' instead of 'people'. Also, if you come from a country where English isn't the main language, please make an effort to converse in English. The exception is where they aren't many people on, and there is only people from your country as well; then you can converse in your home language if you wish, to feel more comfortable. However, if people ask you to speak in English, please be polite and make an effort to do so.

4. No repetition of messages. This is not only rude and impolite but annoying as well. If you think someone didn't get your message, wait five to ten minutes then post one more message. If they don't reply that's it!

5. Don't pester people either for something if they don't want to say so. This might include asking for their age, name, location, gender, email, website or for them to do something, like invite someone on or send you something. Again, this is rude, impolite and annoying.

6. Most of all, have fun! If there are problems, email me by clicking here, or tell me when I come on.