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    Hello! Bonjour! Buon giorno! °Buonas džaz! Welcome to Saintin's Homepage - well, Corey's Homepage really. That's me in the photo down below, except drdense thinks I look funny. =( Anyway, take a look and chat on the TagBoard if you want!

P.S. Invite your friends too! ;)



August 17, 2003

Hello! I have not updated for a long time but, well, you know, with school, it gets a bit busy. And I see Yahoo has taken off my site a few times as well, since the site comes up a white blank. Oh well, back to normal! I'm keeping the layout, coz it still looks fresh. The only thing I have changed is that I have added a map that I neatly drew of a new area on the Discworld MUD, called Bois! It's my first map and I'm ready to map two other new areas, Sto Helit and Sto Kerrig, coz I haven't seen any around. Anyway, Airk doesn't update his/her maps much, and the SUR region has changed quite a bit. Take a look. Hopefully, I'll see everyone around soon, like Claire and people! Until next time.

June 21-23, 2003

Hem Hem (That's me being Professor Umbridge ;). Yay! Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is finally out! I got my copy at 11:30am on Saturday and before going to bed at 1:30am in the morning, I had read about the first 430 pages! And then I finished it on Sunday afternoon. All my classmates looked at me in shock.
    'How many pages are there again?' they said.
    'Oh, about 766' I replied.
    'So how long did it take for you to read it?'
    'Between 14-19 hours over two days.'
By homeroom, first thing this morning, word got round that I had managed to read the fifth Harry Potter book in less than two days. But the worse thing was that I got a headache as I hopped into the shower this morning from all that reading. Apparently, a girl on 60 Minutes here in Australia only managed to get through 83 pages from Saturday to Sunday just from 'solid' reading. I certainly bypassed her by a long-shot! Wonder if I can break my record!

Now I have heard some fabulous responses in regard to my black, elegant layout, which was inspired by a black 'Florsheim' business card. But I've now gone and changed it for a brighter 'hippy' mood! Hope you like it. White is for peace, and I found the tie-dyed image used in the banner under the Desktop Themes on my computer. Plus, I like navy. :) And I've got rid of the Pig Latin page and turned it into the 'Me!Me!Me!' page where it has my photo and the stuff about me that previously preceded the updates. Sorry for all those that were expecting the Pig Latin page! I just couldn't find one thing at all on the subject. 

June 7, 2003

You might be pleased to know that I've taken away the TagBoard now and I've replaced it with my new Zonkboard! I'm also going to try a new layout but I'm stumped on what colour scheme I should try.

This is a bit of a side-track, but my school hockey team competed against another school called Christchurch yesterday, which was Friday. We played so hard and managed to score 8 goals while Christchurch scored none! I scored one of them, but set up nearly all the rest. This is how mine happened. Firstly, we had a penalty corner. The right inner pushed the ball out, I trapped it, tapped it into the 'D', got down low, then swept my stick along the ground so it hit the ball. The ball shot through the line of legs to thud against the backboard solidly! And I was at the top of the D! But anyway, we won, so that was great!

June 3, 2003 

Call it the month of updating if you will because that's what I'm going to do in my spare time. Remember in the early stages how I had a really cruddy tagboard, called the Flooble board which was in Java? Well, I got rid of that one to get another Java tagboard, slightly better. Forget that. I now have the most luxurious tagboard ever! A ZonkBoard!!! Get one too while they're going free, because previously you had to pay for the most basic ZonkBoard and that sucked.

On Sunday I managed to attend the Men's International Series for hockey with Australia, Pakistan, India and the Australian 'A' team competing. I went with a classmate from school, and was it an exciting match or what?! The first match was a playoff with the Australian 'A' team and Pakistan. The game was close and even until half-time when Pakistan probably changed tactics and mustered up a really strong attack. They soon scored a goal and had the Australia 'A' team fighting to break even with a goal of their own. With just five minutes to go they scored and soon after, scored again! The final score for Australia 'A' v. Pakistan was 2-1.

Then came the Finals with India and Australia competing! There was a pre-match presentation by some Indian dancers in Perth Hockey Stadium and that was quite good to watch. This game was also pretty close and even, but India just happened to score the first goal. I thought that India had won the whole thing and that Australia was doomed until Australia scored their first goal! Then, with the Indian and Aussie supporters chewing their fingernails to bits, Australia scored their second goal, exactly one minute before the end of the game! So, the final score for Australia v. India was 2-1, same as the first game!

May 30, 2003

Finally! I've finished that ruddy Math's Challenge I had to do (it sucked and it was pointless as well). So now I'm going to update this site but Paul wants me to make it interesting! How? Please send in emails or post a message on the TagBoard. I am thoroughly stuck! I've added a links page and will be converting the Emma Watson page into something about Pig Latin. Also, just a little word that UEW no longer exists. The webmistress has closed it down to one last message page and has made another site on Avril Lavigne. Sad really. Oh well!

May 22, 2003

See the layout now?! It looks so much better! Claire and I worked together to create it and personally I think it looks great! Thanks also go to Claire for the banner and the new background colour. I will get around to changing the colour of all the other pages though. But not now, it's too late at night!

May 17, 2003

Gosh, ten days have passed since I last updated. Anyway, you can now check out the new friends page and there is some new info about me above! Please email me for suggestions on improvements, like colour scheme or content etc. Also, leave a message on the TagBoard while you're at it too!

May 7, 2003

 I have finally added my photo for all you people to see. Hope you like it!

Sometime in the dark recesses of Time

*Gasp!* *gasp!* I need air!... Phew! Well I've made it this far. This is my third or fourth attempt at making my own website, because all the last ones before it were total duds. But I really should thank Paul aka drdense for giving me a push in the back for a start ('You got 30 minutes to make your site...go') and it's really all been touch and go from there. There will be massive updates I assure you!

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