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    Discworld is a MUD based on the Discworld series of Terry Pratchett. It's basically about a world that is a flat disc, carried on the back of a giant celestial turtle.

A MUD is a text-based game usually run on Telnet or some other client.

The Discworld MUD itself is HUGE with over 20,000 rooms to visit, spread over more than three main areas.

Newbies start in the Newbie Room and must complete a simple quest before going on to enter the game. I'm not allowed to tell you how to complete the quest though as this would be breaking the rules of the game!

If you want to say 'Hi' to me on the MUD, I usually play under Saintin.

To visit the actual website of Discworld, click here.


Believe it or not, but I have now mapped a new area on Discworld called Bois! It's based on the fairytale village that Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick visit in Witches Abroad, where they meet the Big Bad Wolf, Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood as well as the Woodchopper. Well, here, there's Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma and the 3 Little Pigs, and you can visit Grandma's House, the 3rd Pig's Brick House and the 3 Bear's House.

This is my first map of an area of Discworld, but I'm also going to try to map Sto Helit and Sto Kerrig, coz I can't find up-to-date maps on those places. Below is the small version of the map of Bois, and the link takes you to the large version.

Click here for the large version map of Bois.