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Ta da! The links page!

To link me you have to enter a bit of nifty code which I can't be bothered putting here, because after all, I am lazy! I have put a link button here which you can use to put a link on your very own page.

P.S. This will ensure that I will become famous by you supporting me. ;) Kidding.

Lo behold! Here lies the button for you to save ------------->

Affiliates - n. A site that has other sites that are closely related to it, that help each other out and whatnot, or just happen to relate to one another.

I really just mean links you know!!! Bit stupid using affiliates.

Claire's Homepage - This is Claire's homepage, which reallly is just brilliantly made. She gets a lot of visitors and you can easily leave a message on her tagboard for her to read later. And yes, she is talented with Photoshop, hence the great images! Also, there is a little bit about her self and her friends, both online and in real life, which is quite interesting to look at. Overall, it's a very personal site and good for if you want to know more about Claire.

Drdense's Surgery - The source of communication between Vaal, Claire, Paul, me and many others. Paul has also created an interactive game with a GuestMap by Bravenet called World Domination. If you visit you must adhere to the time old ritual of signing his guestbook and GuestMap as often as you can. ;)

Sarah's Corner - This is Sarah Watson's homepage, which includes her own blog, pics of herself and other such stuff! There's another Sarah's Corner website out there, but that's Sarah Duerre's, which is another cousin of Emma's. Don't be confused! Just remember that Sarah Watson is the 'Models Suck' T-shirt and you'll be fine! Her site is coming along and has done a Renee Zellweger layout for the present moment.