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New Page 3

    Guess what!? I've scrapped the movies page now (it was pointless as well) and I'm turning it into a new page on hockey! This will include weekly additions over the winter months on how my school team goes in our games on Fridays and how well I've played. I don't have time to fill in the details now, but I will put in the schools we've played and the scores. Stay tuned!

Hale With Hale, I thought we weren't going to be able to beat them, based on the fact that they thrashed us in both games we played against them last year. But, we did! 2-1! The game was dominated by Hale for the first half until we really got going in the second half. I played left wing, which was unusual for me, because I usually play centre-forward. It was actually really suited to me, because I had to be skilled with reverse stick, fast and able to keep the ball very close to the sideline without letting it go out of the boundary, all of which I could do. Hale managed to score the first goal with a hit from the right half-back in the 'D', and then, with a long corner, I scored the break-even goal for my team! Our right half-back took the corner and hit it parallel to the goal line. It shot through all the people in front, and I trapped it in my position on the left post of the goal. I had the ball on the reverse stick but I had a 'now or never' attitude right then and pushed it, on reverse stick into the goal. The goalie was right there lying down and I thought that maybe the ball was under him until the I saw the ball slowly rolling on the other side of his body and crossing the goal line! I was ecstatic! Not only did it look like we could win, but I had scored a goal on reverse stick, which wasn't easy!

Christchurch We defeated Christchurch 8-0! I managed to score at least one goal from the top of the 'D' which was awesome. I got down low, swung my stick across the ground and connected it with the ball. It's sort of like a hit. Anyway, it rocketed off, shot between the legs of the opposition and thudded against the backboard behind the goalie!!! Christchurch's downfall was that they tried to hit too much and those hits were pretty bad on our field, which is all, ahem, bumpy. ;) But I managed to set up a lot of the goals that we scored against them and I must say we were pretty ruthless because we didn't give them one chance to try and get a goal.

The 8B Hockey Team We played the 8B hockey team in a scratch match and defeated them 1-0.

Como Hockey Academy This was our second scratch match against Como Hockey Academy for the season, and although we had improved quite a bit from our first game with them, we still lost in an embarrassing score, 0-6. I swear it was all because of that centre-half they had with his strong hits! Funny thing is that we should have been competing against Wesley, but like Guildford, they didn't have a B team!

CBC (Christian Brothers College) Fremantle I was a bit put off with playing CBC Freo initially, because a classmate told me that they were better at playing hockey than Scotch. To us, Scotch is a nightmare team to beat because they're literally the hockey school, second to Como Hockey Academy. However, with a fantastic start, I realised that my classmate had lied and that it was really easy in getting the ball into our attack to score goals. Although it was a scratch match, we won 7-1!

Como Hockey Academy Our first scratch match for the season and we went down hard. We lost 0-8 or 9. This may be because of the fact that we are the B team and we were versusing something equivalent to the Scotch A team. Besides, we were meant to be competing against Guildford, except they didn't have a B team! Curses!