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Firstly, these are my internet friends just so you know. If, and I mean if, my school friends give me permission to include them on my site then you'll be able to learn about them!


Real name: Nadezhda
From: Bulgaria
Age: 14 (turning 15 late this year)
Plays: Discworld occasionally
Specialty: Keeping me 'comforty' via emails!


Real name: Paul (Please note, Paul hasn't given me his surname yet)
From: Thurso, Scotland, United Kingdom
Age: 18
Favourite drink: Jack Daniels (A type of American whiskey) with Coke
What Claire says: Nice but 'strict'
Works: At BT (British Telephone). He says it's pretty boring (plus he looks expectantly at the exit all day while he's there!). Paul's job is kind of like PR/help-me-fix-it!!! and he has to deal with customers, which hold him hostage sometimes!
Cool thing: Paul is pretty good at translating Pig Latin, which he did on his first try successfully!


Real name: Val
From: Quezon City, Phillipines
Age: 18
Fears: Deep water, chickens and pigeons


Real name: Frida
From: Sweden


Real name: Christine Claire Olsen
Age: 14 (I'm only 16 days older than her!)
From: Oxford, England, United Kingdom
Claim to fame: Friends with Emma Watson and also one hot ballet dancer!
Born: California, USA
Good at: English, Ballet, making websites and manipulating images with Photoshop.
Colours: Aqua blue and light pink
Dislikes: Beer and broccoli (Broccoli???!)
Funny thing: She has Paul and I competing! Lol! Just kidding, but we both do like her.


Real name: Casey Teresa Ireland (According to Claire)
From: New Zealand (Is that right, Casey?)
Description: Talkative and very bubbly. She keeps any Zonkboard or tagboard alive!

Sarah W.

Real name: Sarah Watson
Claim to fame: Emma and Alex Watson's cousin
Loudest statement ever: Her 'Models Suck' T-shirt!
First read: On the UEW ZonkBoard and on Claire's ZonkBoard.

I apologize to anybody I missed out by mistake! If you think you deserve to be on this page right now, give me an email stating your name and some info about yourself. To my friends on the internet, please email me or give me a message if I missed any information or if you want me to add a little something.